"The company has integrity and intelligence, and they perform accordingly. When asked to assemble a team, I know I can include Reames & Moyer and feel comfortable that my client will be provided with responsible costing and good quality."

Jack Shady, President
Freeman & Morgan Architects

"Overall, what I like about Reames & Moyer is their dedication to quality, exceptional responsiveness, and that it's a family-run business. Not to mention the fact that they will watch your money like it was their own."

Tommy Pruitt, President
The Pruitt Companies

"Reames & Moyer has always done a great job for us. We recently did a job where we had to go in and completely re-design the building. We called Reames & Moyer because we felt they could get us to where we needed to be time and budget wise and they did. The thing that impressed me is they were willing to add new ideas and had the ability to innovate to get us where we needed to be. They do a very good job with Design/Build specialty. We feel comfortable that when they do a job, it's going to be done right. "

Bill Loughridge, President
Loughridge & Co.