BSME 1980, Virginia Tech, Professional Engineer since 1984. Licensed Mechanical Worker.
Employed since 1980.

R. RANDOLPH ATHERTON, Vice President, Operations
Associates Degree, Building Construction Management, Drafting and Design
Employed since 1981.


JOHN B. STALEY, P.E., Senior Engineer
BSME 1971, Virginia Tech, Professional Engineer since 1977.
Consulting Engineer , Vice- President – Bohannon, Staley & Assoc. 1982-2006, President – Staley & Assoc. 2006-2007.
Employed since 2007.

FRANCES A. WALLACE, Manager/Human Resources
Employed since 1970.

CHRISTINA LLOYD , Accounts Receivables / Payables
Employed since 2004.

PHILLIP A. WORSHAM, Quality Control Manager
More than 30 years experience as HVAC Technician, trouble-shooting, start-up, controls, commissioning and quality assurance.
Employed since 1981.

Our People
Reames & Moyer ’s philosophy is that our designs are only as good as the tradesmen installing the work. In order to ensure quality installations, we maintain a stable, long term workforce of seasoned professionals. Our plumbers and pipefitters have an average tenure with the company of 20 years. Our sheet metal fabrication and installation crews have an average employment of 15 years with the company. Our jobsite foreman for a project will typically have been employed by the company for a minimum of 20 years. Our foremen know the quality of work we expect and it is their job to make sure that they achieve this goal. A quality installation is a “win-win” situation for our customer and our company – no headaches for our customers and no call backs for us.

We match our work load with our manpower. With this approach, we can maintain our stable work force and not “hire and fire” or use temporary labor as many of our competitors do. This is the key to our success in providing a quality finished product for our customers. With this approach, we aren’t trying to be the largest mechanical contractor, we’re striving to be the best mechanical contractor. Our reputation is on the line on every job.